Start Here

Hello and welcome! My name is Kat and I started this blog as a place to share stories from my first year without alcohol and to offer encouragement and positivity to anyone who is considering going without.

Here are some things you should know…

  1. I understand that giving up alcohol is a BIG DEAL and that the human-alcohol relationship is different for everyone. When I decided to stop drinking, I knew I was taking a huge step in the direction of health, happiness, and fun. The only problem was, I couldn’t find any blogs highlighting the awesome-fucking-fantasticness of life without alcohol. I understand that overcoming addiction is hard. I also believe that it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. This blog is not about deprivation or brokenness. This blog is not about being an ‘alcoholic’ (whatever that means). This blog is about replacing alcohol with LIFE. It’s about adventure and fun and curiosity and exploration.
  2. I’m not in AA. My decision to stop drinking did not come from a severe wake-up call or rock bottom experience. I was drinking 2-4 drinks around 5 times per week. Near the end, I felt constantly tired, cranky, unmotivated, and I couldn’t figure out why. The more I thought about it, I realized how much time, energy, and money I was spending on alcohol. I wondered what would happen if I freed up that space for something else, that’s when I committed to a full 365 days of sobriety.
  3. My sobriety is coming from a place of strength and self love, not powerlessness. I’ve never been successful in situations where I’ve felt powerless.
  4. I fully intend to be a teetotaler for life, but life felt like too big of a commitment, so I’m starting with a year.
  5. When I made the choice to stop drinking, my first thought was not how am I going to do this? Instead it was how can I not drink without anyone noticing? I’ll talk more about the latter question as we go along, but the short answer is: you can’t stop drinking without anyone noticing… unless you live in a monestary and have been drinking secretly from a bottle stashed under your bed.
  6. I’m scared. I’m a shy introvert and alcohol has been a strength-giver and coping mechanism since I was 18 (I’m now 30). I don’t know how to live or socialize without it.
  7. I am not anonymous…obviously. I am writing as myself and am happy to open up to anyone about my journey and my decision.
  8. This blog is for everyone! Whether you are sober for life or just want a sober vacation, you’ll find something good 🙂
  9. During this first year of sobriety, I have set the intention to catapult myself into a higher level of existence. I’m doing this by working my way through this List of Musts. If you are newly sober or considering going for it, I highly recommend creating one for yourself.
  10. Lastly, thank you thank you for reading and joining me on this journey!