List of Musts

I started my delightfully dry life on July 11, 2017 and living alcohol-free will free up approximately 1,322 hours over the next 365 days (I calculated this by the number of hours I would sit drinking at a bar or at home each week – it came to an average of about 28 hours per week including all the time I would spend thinking about what I was going to drink, how much I was going to drink, and how I was planning to get home).

I’ve revamped this list based on my Core Desired Feelings (read the full post here). 

– Spacious – Sensual – Wild –

Spacious :: Anything that creates clarity in mind, body, soul.

Sensual :: Experiences that arouse gratification of the senses and physical pleasure.

Wild :: Experiencing life as an uncontrolled and unrestrained woman.


  • Try Kundalini yoga
  • Read one fiction book per month
  • Write a song
  • Declutter my home
  • Design my home in a way that makes me smile
  • Allow my heart to break
  • Write a poem
  • Attend a meditation retreat
  • Develop a passive income stream
  • Make $10,000 in one month
  • Say no to something I don’t actually want to do (I’m a people pleaser and often say yes before the person asking has even finished the question!)
  • Put the money I would have spent on alcohol towards getting myself out of debt
  • Have a tough conversation
  • Get rejected from a bunch of things
  • Get rejected and try again


  • Hang out in a new section of the bookstore
  • Finally buy a new yoga mat
  • Learn how to cook something delicious
  • Become proficient at piano or guitar
  • Do something unexpectedly awesome for a friend
  • Go for a walk in the rain (minus the umbrella)
  • Speak in a public place
  • Plan a day-long out-of-our-comfort-zone adventure with my husband
  • Get up early to watch the sun rise
  • Invent a delicious non-alcoholic concoction
  • Paint something
  • Survive a sober family holiday (I should say thrive but I don’t want to get ahead of myself…)
  • Write a hand-written letter to a friend
  • Go swimming in the middle of the week
  • Do something kind for someone I don’t know
  • Buy a new swimsuit and wear it in public without a coverup or without hiding behind my arms
  • Surprise my sister
  • Go paddleboarding in Boulder Reservoir
  • Go to a concert (or 6) at Red Rocks
  • Attend a textile design workshop
  • Try a new kind of bodywork technique
  • Have so much fun that I stay out until 1am and drive myself home sober
  • Go see the ballet
  • Ride out an intense, negative emotion without numbing or distracting myself from it in any way
  • Spend a whole afternoon letting my intuition guide the way


  • Sing in a public place (other than karaoke)
  • Take a solo camping trip
  • Take pole dancing classes
  • Hike a fourteener in Colorado (a mountain that exceeds 14,000 ft in elevation)
  • Do something I think I cannot do
  • Skinny dip under the stars
  • Volunteer at a battered women’s shelter
  • Ride the California Zephyr train from Colorado to California
  • Start learning a new language
  • Submit something I’ve written to a magazine, journal, or website
  • Get a tarot reading
  • Say yes to something that I don’t feel totally ready for
  • Apply for a job that I am only 40% qualified for
  • Attend a conference with the sole intention of learning something new
  • Sign up for and run a 5K
  • Write a thank you note to someone just because they exist
  • Explore a new city without a plan
  • Do something nice for myself for no particular reason
  • Wake up at 5am and go for a hike
  • Be the DD for my friends
  • Reach out to one of my heros and tell them how much their work means to me
  • Figure out a way to display all the fun souveniers and nic-nacs that I have accumulated over the years

If you make a list, please share below. I would love to hear about what your year has in store for you 🙂