#1 Hang out in a new section of the bookstore

Days into Sober Year: 16

Sober Vibes (Scale from 1-10: 1 being shitty vibes, 10 being fucking sober unicorn): 3

Today I begin working my way through my Sober Bucket List. Unfortunately, I feel like crap today. I’m heavy and depressed and generally cranky. I can’t believe it’s only been 16 days. It feels like fucking eternity.

I decided to tackle this bucket list item because going to bookstores usually puts me in a much better mood. This does not seem to be the case today.

**I also would like to apologize to my ~4 readers. This is by far the most unoriginal bucket list item I could find and here I am starting the whole project with it. I can see that this doesn’t necessarily set the stage for an expanding and engaged readership. I’m sorry, but this is really the best I can do today. 

I wandered around and eventually found myself in the ‘Nature & Wildlife’ section. Before today, I didn’t even know this was a section.

I love nature and wildlife as much as any other city dwelling, non-scientific, ‘I really love the idea of camping’ type. Today, however, I couldn’t bring myself to give even one iota of a damn about the mating rituals of bees, the proper way to raise chickens, or what you can tell about any animal by what you discover in their poop.

No, that’s a lie, that last one did spark just a twinge of humorous curiosity as I pictured myself soberly taking up fecal exploration as a way to pass the hours.



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