Week 3 : Things you can expect from your first few weeks of sobriety

I’ve made it to the start of week 3! I’ve read every list /article/blog about what to expect for the first few weeks of sobriety and I couldn’t find anything that really helped or captured it. So, here’s my version of a list:

  • You’ll crave a drink like crazy for the first week. For me, it was a chilled glass of Rose. Rose took over my brain for the evenings of nights 3, 4, and 5. The only thing I found to be close to as satisfying was a Mexican Coke.
  • Your mood swings will be off the charts. Don’t worry, you’re not actually going crazy, your brain is returning to normal shape after being stretched out for years. Word of the wise: Wait until tomorrow to send that emotional email or text.
  • Your life might not be as full or fun as you thought when you were drinking. I realized that there were hours and hours of the day that felt empty and boring once I didn’t have a buzz to fall back on.
  • If you can survive the first 20 minutes of hanging out with friends at a bar or restaurant, you’ll likely be able to enjoy yourself. Those first 20 minutes when conversations are still surface level, the food has not arrived yet, and everyone is ordering drinks are BRUTAL. Stay strong, you’ll be glad you did.
  • You might want to make a list of things you want to do that don’t involve drinking (kind of like I did here). Go for it and post your list in the comments below!
  • You’ll start to look better in your clothes. It’s week 3 and I have lost 6 pounds. My skin looks great and I feel like eating better (an unexpected side effect!)
  • You’ll sleep a LOT. I was meeting a friend for brunch today at 10 am and didn’t set my alarm because I would have had to have slept for 11 hours in order to be late. Guess what, I did. I slept until 10. It won’t last forever, but give your body the rest it needs to recoup.
  • Small things will excite you to no end. I bought a new bath pillow today and I was smiling like a 5 year old on Christmas.
  • Small things will piss you off for no reason. Days 9, 10, and 11 were rough because I wanted to rip everyone’s fucking face off. Don’t act on this urge, it will pass.
  • Being the DD is actually pretty satisfying. Who knew?
  • Pomplemousse La Croix is everything. 
  • You’ll start to have more and more energy. Laying on the couch all weekend will rapidly lose its appeal. Go out and do fun things.
  • You’ll simultaneously resent and pity your hard drinking friends. The latter will win out at the end when the conversations get repetative and stale.
  • You might feel like doing something crazy – like starting a blog about your first year of sobriety – as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or put you in serious financial distress, why the hell not?

What do you think? Did I miss anything?


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